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The Turkish company Pugedon has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

Watch the machine in action here.

this makes me so happy


Do you ever play a game/watch something that kinda fucked you up and wonder what would happen if you were in that scenario?



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  1. My western astrological sign is virgo
  2. My eyes have sections of both blue and green
  3. I am actually a huge coward
  4. Animation is my favorite form of media
  5. If something has a soundtrack I like or is visually adorable, I will become unapologetically enthralled with it.

And I totally would send this to people, but the last time I did that people got mad at me, so I think I’m going to skip this time sorry.

向井秀徳 - Dandy in Love
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It kills me that the song playing while Dandy is searching for Adelie’s grandpa is titled “Dandy In Love.”



me reading the holy bible

the new testament



me reading the holy bible

the new testament


no, i don’t watch that show, but i do follow its developments extensively via tumblr


Well they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Well they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Did my Wrathia makeup for a vid i’ll be editing soon~!





Realistic Historical Sword Fighting

Shoutout to the fuckwits who think longswords were all about random hacking and slashing.

Actually the Medieval long sword, being a one-handed blade, would usually be in conjunction with a shield, which is a style that relies more heavily on building momentum to blocking and hacking, relying on force to drive the blade through the foe.  What’s in these gifs is a fighting style for  the two-handed sword (such as claymores or the Bidenhänder style of blade) and hand and a half (or bastard) sword.  Both of these are generally termed in the Medieval or Renaissance period as “Long Swords”, but more recognized now by the term Great Sword, that was invented for the style in 15th century fencing manuals.

If you’re interested in looking into this further, Old Swordplay: Techniques of the Great Masters by Alfred Hutton is a short, but excellent read.  It’s written by a Victorian, but a military scholar familiar with the older 15th and 14th fencing restructuring and provides excellent diagrams from older fencing manuals to illustrate the more archaic styles.

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erasure of Asian people and characters is very deep rooted in American media and goes all the way back to conception—don’t let it persist!

Important even when you’re excited about this movie!

good points, but please for the love of god, realize that the original marvel comic was a fucking horrible racist disaster of the most unacceptable calibre that rode on the tail ends of the 90s ninja craze and the budding 00s anime craze. 

I still have no idea why Disney chose to adapt this MASSACRE of a comic book series to film, but what I have heard is that they’ve cherry picked the best parts of it and created something great from what was absolute dregs before.

And honestly I think a movie portraying a much, much more racially diverse -even if it is fictional- world, where everyone lives unquestionably together and showing what that might just be like, is a pretty good goddamn thing that I think could stand to be shown and portrayed to kids of this generation. You aren’t seeing the white kids appropriating anybody’s culture, you’re seeing a bunch of kids who are friends and race is not a divisive factor between them. I sort of think, in media, portraying/normalizing these sorts of things is really important and I think that is what BH6 is doing here: normalizing these sorts of situations. 

When I say “normalize”, I mean, in media, and especially media for impressionable children, things that could be anything from diverse/inclusive groups of people from different races, to things like different genders, or different body types, being shown as “normal.” You put them on screen and tell a kid “this is normal.” and this can be shown in a way to goad children into doing what advertisers/media producers want, but it can also be used as a force of good. It’s about time we start using this media influence to spread stuff like this, instead of “buy this toy, wear this type of clothes, girls behave this way and boys have to do this or they aren’t normal”.

baby steps, man. There was a shitstorm when Laika released a movie with an openly gay character. But when they did the same thing a year after for the Boxtrolls, only the stupid old people got pissy about it. See? It’s starting to become normalized. 

In the future I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s now easier for more diverse casts to exist, not just because it’s now been done once, but because the people, like me, who work in production, can point to things like this and say “see? They did it in Paranorman, the world didn’t explode. It’ll be fine.” or “see? the movie didn’t have to change for a bunch of different races to fit in fine. It’s not a big deal.” It’s been normalized. Somebody has to set a precedent. Wouldn’t it be great if shows were as diverse as this, not because they had some sort of agenda to, but just because that’s… yknow, normal?


Hyrule Warriors is game of the year and I don’t even have a Wii U.


Dissension Amongst the Ranks

Seems the news of Korra “going digital” was not received well by the Facebook community.

See the slew reactions on the original post.


life is short and weird and it’s important to tell people how you really feel about them